Improve Efficiency from 1 to 100 by adopting AP Automation for a Manufacturing Company

What is VisionERA Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?

To understand what VisionERA is, it is better to understand IDP first. An IDP or Intelligent Document Processing is a smart document processor that is an amalgamation of multiple proprietary advanced technologies. These technologies are Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision.

Benefits of AP Automation in Manufacturing via IDP

Accounts payable can get pretty complicated in today’s scenario. Yet with the inclusion of IDP in the AP department, the department can enjoy a handful of benefits that are almost immediate post deployment. These are:

Ease of Work

Companies may or may not have realized this in the pre-covid era but in today’s scenario capability to work from anywhere is a much bigger boon for running organizations. With SAAS based services such as VisionERA IDP, the employees can take benefit of the platform from anywhere. Work from home is not a liability rather it becomes an asset to save on additional cost of maintaining a physical office. VisionERA IDP is a cloud-based service which means the employees only need authentication to the company’s network and a device to access VisionERA for their document processing requirements.

Easy Data Capture

As discussed earlier, VisionERA IDP is essentially a data capture software or platform that makes the process easy and hassle-free. At one end, the employee needs to feed the batches of documents or invoices they wish to extract data from and on the other, they get processed information either in form of sheets or directly to the central database.

Automated Workflow

Each and every company has its own unique process and a unique workflow. In essence, it may look the same but there are always subtle nuances that differ from company to company.

Ready to Audit Data

The most important benefit of using VisionERA IDP is its capability to process with higher accuracy without making any errors. The work of document processing is monotonous and repetitive. It makes up for so many human introduced errors that are later on reflected in the audit trials and reports.

Seamless Integration

An AP automation platform is not an automation platform if it can not integrate with the existing infrastructure easily. A huge point of introducing AP automation to a manufacturing company is to seamlessly integrate data within the architecture.



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