Intelligent Document Processing- Helping Organizations become Intelligent

Fast Forward to the World of IDP.

Before we dwell deeper on what problems does IDP solve, let’s have a birds eye view of what it is. For the uninitiated, an IDP platform can help organizations categorize and verify their business critical data while helping them extract relevant information. It literally takes data at one end, processes it, and gives out sorted information within no time. With an IDP platform in place, businesses are able to automate their entire data extraction and validation feat.

Some Key Challenges in Document Processing

Every industry today practically runs on documentation. However, they identify with different use cases and complicated document structures.

  • Large volumes of documents produced & processed daily.
  • Incoherence in uploaded documents due to lack of standardized norms.
  • Multiple fonts, structures, and formats for similar types of documents.
  • Global clients and different documentation for customer onboarding.
  • Digital Invoices and receipts production at every spectrum of the trade.
  • Unreliable and erroneous data entry by human operators.

Peeping into Traditional Document Extraction Systems

It is impossible to talk about modern-day intelligent document processing without taking the traditional systems into account.

Manual Extraction

Manual extraction of data has been the first in the pipeline. It involved humans going through a piece of document. These human operators would scan the entire document to find relevant information. While the system carried on for decades, it always came with its limitations.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR technology recognizes characters on a source document using the optical properties of the equipment and media. While it is a good choice for high-speed data entry, it has its own limitations. For instance, an OCR can only work with structured data. The quality of the document uploaded has to be good. Also, it requires an operator for the extraction and storage of data.



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