Use Cases to Establish IDP’s Potential in the Manufacturing Industry


Everything from the healthcare system to the food industry to the automation industry relies on manufacturing in some capacity. It is an industry whose only purpose is to provide products to many others. The goal of creating goods on time is frequently put on hold due to poor activities like document processing in today’s business world, despite product demand increasing across almost all sectors. This is because new purchase requests to replenish stock must be approved by accounts payable before being submitted by production.

Prospects for IDPs

Automatic data collection and extraction from semi-structured or unstructured data into useful structured data is the goal of IDP technology. Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Machine Learning (ML), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) are just some of the AI technologies that IDP uses to accurately categorize, analyze, and extract data for evaluation.

What does IDP really stand for?

A company may benefit from intelligent document automation since it streamlines the procedures for handling documents. Data extraction, verification, document management, etc., are all part of it. The time and money spent on document processing may be drastically reduced with the help of an efficient document automation solution like an IDP platform, which enables businesses to automate document processing for massive volumes of documents.

Manufacturing Invoice Processing

Processing invoices is an incidental part of business in any sector, and manufacturing is no exception. Invoice processing is a recursive job. Payment for a supplier’s invoice is the beginning and end of the process.

Formulation of Orders

The order form is a technical document used in sales, administration, and purchasing. For transactions of significant size or value, use this form. Essential details to provide on an order form are:

  • The specific goods and services that a vendor offers.
  • Payment conditions are communicated.
  • Specify how much of whatever you want to order.



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